Saturday was a beautiful day for The Lumineers concert in Johannesburg. The venue, the Emmarentia Dam, left us exposed to the heat but I’ll add that one can always make use of an umbrella and sunscreen. I’m glad that most of the crowd that had gathered at Emmarentia Dam made plans to enjoy the concert in the heat. The Lumineers accompanied by Dear Reader, Majozi and Alice Phoebe Lou brought incredible tunes and the crowd received it well, with a dash of salt and lemon. You can thank Jose Cuervo for that wonderful #Cuervolucion.

The Lumineers were of course the highlight of the day. The reception was really beautiful and the band at one point asked the audience to put down their cameras and cellphones. It was a request to fully experience them. They were an incredible performance.

I hope that you enjoy this photo series that I took on the day and once again, we thank Seed Experiences for constructing such an amazing event.

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