A MAZE. is an international gaming and playful media festival. It’s what you get when you mix game developers, digital artists and forward thinkers into one event.

Art and gaming meet at this festival and I was there to enjoy some of their Saturday itinerary which included the exhibition and Market Hack. The exhibition was set up with a range of indie games from local and international game developers. A lot of them were really fun to play and so much creativity went into those games.The A MAZE. Market Hack allowed tech producers to showcase some of their products to the public at large. My favourite items were Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint, which allowed for cold soldering and the drawing of conductive surfaces, and Technology Will Save Us’ DIY Gamer Kit which allowed you to build and programme your own gaming console similar to a Gameboy. To say I was obsessed with these products is putting my experience lightly.

I’m glad I went this year because I’ve been putting off this experience for the past two years. I’ll be back again next year for sure!

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