Oppikoppi 2014 has come and gone. The Drop Your Drink team were very busy at the music festival and you’re going to be seeing the first part of our coverage over the next few days. The second part will take a bit longer but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Oppikoppi 2014 was a great time for all of us. Some members of the team went in with negative expectations but Oppikoppi 2014 in all its awesomeness changed their mindsets. The festival began on Thursday, the 7th of August, much to the dismay of many in attendance. This year’s festival did not have the ease of the Women’s Day public holiday. However, as they say, “The show must go on”, and it did. Thursday marked a great start to the festival with performances by Yesterday’s Pupil, Muzi, WONDERboom, Wrestlerish and The Kiffness blowing away audiences.

Friday saw an increase in the number of people at the festival and I assume it was because people were able to get off work. Flint, meet Spark., Matthew Mole, Christian Tiger School, Hawkword, Crazy White Boy, PHFat and Van Coke Kartel took to the stages. A funny moment was watching Matthew Mole apologise on stage for running over someone’s foot in the camp site area. The performance that stands out on Friday was by PHFat. It was amazing to see how much the group has progressed. We have been watching them move through stages over the past few years and it was surreal watching their live performance at Oppi to thousands of people. They created a whole production on stage and released a new song with the lyrics, “Now if he can’t dance then he can’t fuck neither.”

Saturday opened up with fatigue. At that moment I was tired of the early mornings (people just won’t shut up as soon as the sun is up) and the late nights. One of my saving graces were the Smirnoff slushies. I probably should have had more slushies in preparation for the Naked Run. It was terrible to witness and the photos you see from me, here and here, are the nice ones. There are a few that I couldn’t bear to post. Notable performances on Saturday came from The Watermark High, ShortStraw, DJ INVIZABLE as Champions of the Sonoverse, Spoek Mathambo, DJ Fresh, Das Kaptial and Niskerone. ShortStraw delighted the crowd with their show man dressed to party in a bikini and tutu while they played Bikini Weather. DJ INVIZABLE as the Champions of the Sonoverse single-handedly resurrected my Saturday at Oppikoppi 2014. I was tired and in a terrible mood but as I walked to the stages I heard music that I liked and decided to veer off to that stage. Champions of the Sonoverse is an art piece not just a performance. Spoek Mathambo never fails to impress me when he performs. However, I always feel a deep sadness that he is more loved outside of the country. He is a musical genius and more people here need to understand that. DJ Fresh surprised audiences with a deep house set and I was particularly happy with this set because he took the crowd back many years with the house music that he played. Das Kapital’s set was particularly good this time. I experienced many Das Kaptial fans being created from people that didn’t have an initial preference for him. Niskerone became the surprise DJ act after DJ Marky couldn’t make his Oppikoppi attendance and he was certainly appreciated by the crowd.

I didn’t see everyone and in fact I went as far as to skip out on the international headliners with the exception of watching Aloe Blacc perform, “I Need A Dollar”, from afar. He did look like an incredible performer but at that time I needed to rest and I wasn’t a fan of any of the headliners. That’s not to say that I haven’t heard great feedback about them post-festival but it wasn’t for me and I found my enjoyment elsewhere.

So stay tuned for our continual post-coverage and here are Henry’s photos from the festival.




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