You could say that this weekend was one for celebrating things as I left YOG YOG’s 2nd Birthday party and went straight to Seven Years of Science Frikshun. Science Frikshun has had quite an amazing run and I greatly admire this movement because it has done so much for Drum & Bass in Johannesburg and probably even has some impact on a national level.

Now here’s the catch, I don’t even like dancing to Drum & Bass that much. I enjoy listening to it while I work and read but my skank (style of dancing) doesn’t have the longevity to take me through four hours of it at parties. I’m one of those die-hard dubstep lovers from 2011 so I regularly go to places and can’t even whip out my bass face. So you can imagine my surprise on this night when I discovered that the DJs I was listening to strayed away from the Jungle Drum & Bass and played more Drumstep. I almost wished I was at the event earlier on because I got to whip out my bass face.

I insist that parties are made by the people who attend it so even though Drum & Bass isn’t my go-to dancing music I’ll be back. This Science Frikshun was my first and I’m looking forward to attending more because there is such an incredible atmosphere. Everyone moves as a single dancing object and people are just ready to have a great time.

Like I mentioned earlier on this post, I was there for a short while but I hope you enjoy the few photos I did take.

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