STR.CRD 2014 happened over the weekend. It is Johannesburg’s urban youth culture festival and it features hip-hop, skateboarding, sneakers and fashion. If I could think of a few artists that this event would be based on then I would throw out names like Lupe Fiasco or N.E.R.D. I attended the event on the Friday and Saturday. I didn’t quite know what to write about the event so I sorted out my feelings into love, like and dislike.

– The many incredible outfits that attendees donned for the event
– The Jameson Cocktails
– Hanging out with the DYD Team present on the day: Ashleigh, Deji & Jacques
– The STR.CRD 2014 skatepark
– The Fiat 500 experience and Chill Lounge

– The Bioscope Cinema that was set up at STR.CRD 2014
– The Crushed Orange Flying Fish Flavoured Beer
– The STR.CRD 2014 exhibition area that was set up in the Constitutional Hill parkade

– The heat
– The rain that halted outdoor activities
– Not knowing where everything was happening at STR.CRD 2014 because there were no maps
– Not really knowing when things were happening at STR.CRD 2014 because of schedule changes
– The Jameson VIP area which was a bar and one or two umbrellas
– Everyone was a professional photographer :)

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