Things happened and suddenly I found myself not being able to attend Rocking the Daisies 2014 (RTD). Vodacom In The City 2014 was the only thing that was going to come close to what I would have experienced at RTD so I made up my mind to go to it for the first time.

Admittedly, my evening at Vodacom In The City 2014 didn’t kick off with the greatest set of circumstances. My car decided to overheat and eventually breakdown on the way to Mary Fitzgerald Square. It tarnished my mood but I chose to carry on with the night and this choice paid off.

I’m glad I got to catch PHFat’s performance. I was one of the unfortunate few that missed their incredible Oppikoppi 2014 performance and I had to listen to my friends raving about it. Post-performance I see their point in raving about the group, it was that great. Crystal Fighters is a band that I would consider my highlight for the evening. They stepped up and blew the crowd away. Their performance means so much more if you’ve been following their Facebook page. Their drummer suddenly passed away a few weeks ago and instead of cancelling their tour dates they decided to honour their commitments. Much love to Crystal Fighters and the energy they shared with the crowd. MGMT, hmmmm MGMT, I’ll say thank you for Time to Pretend, Kids and Electric Feel. The rest of their performance was lost on a listening and wondering audience that didn’t know their new music. It was at this time that Joburg’s chilly evening took effect on most of the crowd. Rudimental brought most of that energy back with their electric live performance. Gone were the shufflers and occasional mumbling individuals, I witnessed dancing and loud singing along to songs like, Not Giving In, Free and Solo. This brought about the end of my evening as I had to leave to attend to my car and endure the 70 km/hr drive back to Pretoria. This was the best line-up I have seen all year and all I can wonder is who Seed Experiences will bring next. This isn’t goodbye but rather a, “See you next year!“.

I hope that you enjoy the photo series that myself and Yetunde took on the evening. Look for images by Paddy in the second part of our Vodacom In The City 2014 coverage.

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