I was at YOG YOG’s 2nd Birthday Party this weekend. YOG YOG celebrated in the best fashion by choosing an incredible venue for the night. I totally had a nerd moment when I saw the industrial fans and turbines all over the place and that’s disregarding the incredible view of Johannesburg that we had. The crowd was a bit of an unusual one or perhaps I’m just getting old or something. There were a lot of youngsters making out on the dance floor and against walls and even more bros stepping on my feet while I was trying to dance. Luckily the music provided by Feed the Animals, Grimehouse and Das Kapital was enough to make sure that I had a fantastic evening.

YOG YOG are on their way up and we can only support the party movement. I have seen Netsky and Cyberpunkers because of their efforts and I can’t wait to see who they bring out this year. Both of those nights have been great experiences for me.

I hope that you enjoy the photo series that I took on the night.

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