Scattered in various corners of the venue, small metal fans whirred, and the temperature inside the Good Luck Bar was only just bearable… until Tom Misch walked on stage.

Not only did he bring the heat, hitting us with some unbelievable improvised solos, but the temperature literally sky-rocketed as the audience shuffled closer, shoulder-to-shoulder, to try and be as near to the stage as was possible. The whole warehouse went dark. The crowd surged forward. We all counted down from 10 with hundreds of phones ready and poised to capture the moment he walked on stage.

He smiled sheepishly at us when he came to stand in front of the microphone. Throughout his performance he seemed completely shocked at the roaring response he received.

At some points, the audience’s singing overpowered the actual instrumentals. Hundreds of voices belting out not only the lyrics, but the actual beats, guitar riffs and melodies. An unbelievable electric energy was created and maintained, even through his slower songs. It felt like every single person who was there was united by a true love of Tom Misch.

“A crowd of strangers suddenly became a group of friends, and you could turn to any person next to you and dance together, or make eye-contact with someone and exchange a moment of, wow, is this real?”

His unique genre-blending style was reflected in the diversity of the crowd. In one hour, we were taken on a musical journey of Alternative, Indie, Hip-hop, Soul and House. He was also joined on stage by a band of talented musicians – the most surprising of which was a violinist. Each of them had a chance to play a solo and none of them disappointed.  

He hit us with a new track, “South of The River” which was incredibly well-received (although, I think at that point every man and woman in the crowd was so love-struck that they would have clapped for anything Tom Misch did).

When he came back on stage for an encore, I was already sufficiently sweaty and my cheeks ached from smiling so much. It was an incredible night with performances from a few other amazing artists such as Akio, Leeu, Tha Cutt, Micr. Pluto and S.T.T.A. I left just before 2am, but the party was still going strong with Kid Fonque also playing a hot set. I felt sorry for anyone who didn’t manage to make it that night, because social media was on fire the next day with pictures and videos of Tom Misch’s incredible performance, an absolutely irreplaceable experience.

Images by Lydie Byart, read her thoughts on Twitter, and stalk her on Tumblr and Instagram

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