The DYD team likes to go on adventures and we invited you to join us on the City Sightseeing Red Bus Tour in Johannesburg last week Sunday. The tour is constructed around Johannesburg’s inner city history and you get to visit areas like Gandhi Square (which isn’t quite square), Gold Reef City and many more. The most interesting thing about the tour was hearing random facts¬†about Johannesburg. We learnt how the city was started and why it’s constructed the way it is. We also heard some of the city’s scandalous tales; I think we all recall hearing the story of Daisy de Melker, South Africa’s first recorded serial killer, who offed two of her husbands for their life insurance policies and her son.

Our favourite stops were: Carlton Centre, where we took amazing aerial views of Johannesburg; Gold Reef City, where Lourens managed to win some money in the short time when we were there; and Constitution Hill.

The tour stopped at these destinations:

1. Gandhi Square
2. Carlton Centre
3. James Hall Transport Museum
4. Gold Reef City
5. Apartheid Museum
6. Mining District Walk
7. Newtown
8. Origins Centre at Wits
9. Braamfontein
10. Constitution Hill

You should really go on this tour. Johannesburg’s CBD is a lot more than just a party/Neighbourgoods/Market on Main destination. You can have a lot of fun during the day with your friends if you just take some time out to explore. You can follow the DYD team’s adventure with friends on Instagram and Twitter by searching for the #JoburgRedBus hashtag. If you’re coming from Pretoria then make sure to use the Gautrain too, it just adds that extra bit of adventure.

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