First things first, I’d like to say that for the most part any event held on a Sunday night (barring those on long weekends) is a bittersweet occasion.

I say this because although on the one hand you’d like to lose yourself to the music and one too many tequilas; on the other hand, you just can’t quite shake that little voice inside your head reminding you that you have work in the morning and not only that, but the last time you went to work with a hangover your co-workers mistook you for the office rug and you fell asleep on your coffee mug. Basically, Sunday isn’t a funday if you take into consideration Monday. That being said, last week’s event was utterly fantastic and totally worth the late night. When I wrote this I was clutching my 5th cup of coffee and wondering if the rings under my eyes were actually gateways to another dimension.

Diplo Can Take My Sundays

When I found out that Diplo would be visiting South Africa to play a show in Joburg I was more excited than I was when the Crazy Store had a sticker sale. Anyone who attended the Mad Decent Block Party a few years back would understand why. This level of excitement was certainly justified as Diplo played one hell of a set that had me experiencing more emotions during its hour and a half duration than a pregnant woman experiences in a day.

When Sunday night’s event finally began, it did so with an amazing set from DJ Doowap which set the tone for the night. Great music courtesy of Kyle Deutsch, Sketchy Bongo and DJ Maphorisa ensured that energy levels remained high as everyone waited for the clock to strike 11. Cue Diplo.

Diplo Can Take My Everything

Diplo served up a performance that was breakfast, lunch and dinner all wrapped up in one along with the added bonus of tea and cake. Playing all his most popular songs, old and new; as well as throwing in some proudly South African tunes, there was no doubt that Diplo’s set was tailor made for his audience and boy did the audience appreciate it. It was amidst the appreciative headbanging and singing along; just when everybody thought it couldn’t possibly get better, that Diplo brought out Walshy Fire (who makes up a third of Major Lazer, along with Diplo and [the absent] Jillionaire) and began playing as Major Lazer in all their reggae-infused dancehall glory. This welcome surprise left everybody in the crowd feeling like kids in a candy store who got FREE sweets too. Treated to such incredible music, it certainly seemed like Diplo/Major Lazer’s set ended all too quickly and left many of us utterly exhausted, hoarse and inexplicably in need of somebody to lean on (ha).

All in all, One Night with Diplo was a huge amount of fun (even if I did spend the uber ride home staring sadly at the clock on my phone as the hours of sleep ahead dwindled). A massive thank you must go to BreakOut for organising this, you guys are simply the best!

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