Wolves is one of our favourite coffee shops in Johannesburg. Wolves Fun Day was created to give out a taster of their new menu and even Trevor Noah stopped by to enjoy it. The new menu includes skillet Brownies, burgers, chicken & waffles and loads more.

I shot a Faces series at the Fun Day to capture some of the attendees, organisers and the set-up of Wolves Fun Day. I want you to take note of the two ladies below. Anna-Belle Mulder and Angie Durrant made all of this possible and I know that a ton of planning went into this and it was really well executed in light of hundreds of people coming.

I had a fun time hanging out, getting hot flushes from my Trevor Noah sightings and looking at the things on sale. I hope that you enjoy this photo series.



Angie and Anna-Belle are also the bloggers behind Lucky Pony, She Said and Jobest. These ladies are incredible.

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