Deji and Jess made their way to Lentedag yesterday and had the best of the best times soaking up the sun and capturing as much as they could throughout the day.

Oh, what a wonderful day filled with; sun, sweat and hot flushes that I’m quite sure would give menopause a run for its money. Lentedag this year offered us an awesome line-up, good food and great people, all neatly packaged together with some of the most glorious weather Pretoria has had since we bid winter adieu (which I know wasn’t that long ago but still).img_9533The main stage showcased some fantastic sets from the likes of; Half ‘n Half, Rubber Duc, Matthew Mole, The December Streets and Bok van Blerk, all of whom had the crowd dancing with reckless abandon as if sunstroke wasn’t an imminent threat and their skin wasn’t covered in a cocktail of other people’s sweat. PHFAT’s set gave us all the opportunity to live out life-long dreams of becoming professional rappers as we all tried (and, if your rapping is anything like mine, failed) to rap along to all our favourite songs.

The Flying Fish Forest Dance Floor gave everyone a much needed reprieve from the sun, giving us space to enjoy some shade whilst listening to some great tunes from Bongani Zulu, Vimo, Popartlive and Kid Robot.img_9807This year’s Lentedag was all kinds of fun, and a massive thank you must go to the organisers who braved the searing heat to bring us such a fantastic event.

Lastly, let us all have a moment of silence for all our fellow Lentedag’ers who woke up this morning with sunburns that gave new meaning to the term ‘bright red’, may your burn fade fast and the peeling be over before you know it.

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