Jess and Lourens attended Mieliepop 2017. Check out Jess’ written coverage and Lourens’ visual coverage below.

In my opinion, anything with a name that has something to do with popcorn should be amazing.

What is Mieliepop to me?

Have you ever had that freshly popped popcorn at the movies that was so good you finished it before the movie had even started, even though it was a large? Yeah, Mieliepop was better than that. In fact, Mieliepop is one of the best festivals I have ever had the privilege of attending.

Aside from being flawlessly run and held at a beautiful location that looks more like the setting of a fairytale than a venue for a festival; at the heart of Mieliepop is the music and it goes above and beyond in showcasing the very best of South African music throughout a wide variety of genres, ensuring that everyone’s musical needs are catered to and reminding us all just how lekker our local is.

I would be lying if I told you I haven’t been looking forward to Mieliepop 2017 since leaving the festival last year. The build up to this year’s Mieliepop seemed to last forever as I (and I’m sure everyone else) waited impatiently for the long weekend to arrive so that the annual migration to the Tolderia Resort in Lothair could begin.

Who, what and when?

Arriving on Saturday afternoon and after hastily putting up my tent, I made my way over to the main stage. I was greeted by the lovely voice of Adelle Nqeto, who set the mood for what was to be a fantastic afternoon and night of music. It featured amazing performances from the Lectric Monks, We Are Charlie, Majozi, Desmond and the Tutus and a wildly energetic closing set from PopArt Live. Luma, Thor Rixon, Morrison Taylor, ANG and Embassy ensured the Rave Cave lived up to its name with some seriously awesome sets.

Sunday dawned alongside a spectacular hangover and the promise of another day of amazing music. Cloudy skies and cool temperatures allowed me the rare opportunity to sleep in late without feeling like a tent-roasted chicken, and a subsequent hot shower (one of the best parts of Mieliepop in my opinion) had me feeling like I was on holiday at a snazzy hotel rather than camping at festival.

I spent most of the afternoon contemplating what kind of food I felt like eating (So. Many. Options) and enjoying music from the likes of Tidal Waves, Jonny Cradle, The Moths and The Hellcats. An epic lineup, including absolutely amazing performances from Medicine Boy, Femi Koya, Grassy Spark, Bye Beneco, Fuzigish and Haezer ensured that a great night was had by all, and a special mention has to go to the Bar Floor DJs for playing all the songs I didn’t know I wanted to hear but that were completely necessary for a good time to be had.

Monday saw me (and pretty much everyone else) lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun for most of the day until the sunset, which heralded a drop in temperature that had me piling on layers of clothes until I looked somewhat like a slightly dirtier version of the Michelin Man.

Luckily for everyone,  incredible sets from the likes of Retro Dizzy, The Deathrettes, Urban Village, Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions, BCUC, Black Math and PH fat had us fast-walking between stages and dancing our heads off, inevitably keeping everyone warm.

The Science Frikshun takeover of the Rave Cave provided us with an insane Drum n Bass line-up, which kept everyone brave enough to face the cold, dancing until the early hours of the morning.

Thank you Mieliepop 2017

A massive congratulations has to go to Henk van der Schyf and his team for putting together such a fantastic festival these past couple of years, with this year certainly being no exception.

Mieliepop 2017 not only offered us a fantastic venue, facilities and line-up, but also an incredible diversity in its acts, bringing us old favourites whilst simultaneously showcasing a variety of new and exciting acts for everyone to experience.

So, in closing I’d really just like to say thank you. Thank you Mieliepop for your green hills and swimming pool; for your good food and clean, hot showers; for giving me the opportunity to sing along (albeit quite badly) to all the songs I love and for all the amazing people I got to meet and the new friends that I made.

All these elements came together seamlessly to create something truly special and I can honestly say that I can’t wait for what next year’s Mieliepop has in store for us and yes, I’m already counting down the days.

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