I had the opportunity to attend Park Acoustics’ last jam of the year. Check out my written and visual coverage below.

park-acoustics-19I don’t know if it’s becoming a recurring pattern that whenever Park Acoustics throws their mega-huge gigs lower than Fort Schanskop it rains or it’s just my thinking. Despite this, I feel as though the rain is a blessing of a sort. The kind of blessing that seals the deal as to how awesome Park Acoustics can be.park-acoustics-23This past Sunday was no different. Regardless of the weather I had fun. My fellow attendees had the time of their lives and the talent-filled line-up was exactly what was needed to seal 2016 with some good spirits. I can barely remember how crappy 2016 has been thanks to this bash.park-acoustics-67I found it beautiful (from the dryness of shelter) how the rain didn’t stop people from dancing.park-acoustics-50

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