It’s 2015. January has come and is pretty much gone. The first Park Acoustics event for 2015 happened this past weekend, the 25th of January. Park Acoustics did what it does best. It was afternoon fun with lots of people who always seem to forget that Monday morning awaits them.

The lineup included Float Parade, BCUC, Sawagi, Tidal Waves and Gazelle and DJ Invizable. I missed Float Parade because it always seems like there’s time to still chill and then rock up after 11am. I caught BCUC and they brought it down. The Park Acoustics organisers fetched Sawagi all the way from Japan and they didn’t disappoint, it was fun and the crowd loved them. The legendary Tidal Waves stepped in and my oh my, things skyrocketed to other levels. And at that time I thought that things couldn’t get any better but they did. Gazelle and DJ Invizable chose the Fort as their last show together. Not only was that full of energy and enchanting tunes, they just had to throw in Jack Parow as a surprise act to their performance.

If you had doubts about it, now you know. You could have had a beautiful Sunday just like that. If FOMO is kicking in right now, be on the lookout for the next Park Acoustics event on the last Sunday of next month.

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