There’s something so appealing about day festivals because you get all the benefits of a normal festival (ie: good music, people and food).

This, all with the added benefit of being able to fall asleep on your comfy pillow, under your super warm duvet, on your amazing mattress, after a hot shower. You get the point. Basically, it’s a win win situation.

Parklife Festival 2017 came equipped with three stages, each boasting fantastic line-ups featuring both local favourites and a couple of pretty rad internationals. (although I do have to admit to having to Google their songs beforehand so that I could sing along); and more food choices than should ever be allowed (I ran around the food area three times trying to decide on the best option, or best three options, if you’re like me).

Parklife provided the ingredients to a recipe for success.

Photograph by Wesley Human


Although the day dawned icy cold, the sun eventually came out, ensuring that people could spend the day under clear blue skies, soaking up some much-needed sun, all whilst enjoying the great music and food. It also meant that a couple of the braver festival-goers took the warmish weather as an invite to wear very few clothes, even when the sun went down and the temperature dropped by about 15 degrees.

I mean, just because they clearly don’t feel the cold or fear getting pneumonia, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t dress warmly, because I’m pretty sure I got hypothermia just from looking at them.

Music from the likes of Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions, Tresor and Apple Gule ensured that the day started off on a high note and wonderful sets from Rubber Duc, Sketchy Bongo, Gavin James, GoodLuck, Matt Simons and Melvv kept the great vibe going throughout the afternoon.

Photograph by Wesley Human

The Main Course

Jeremy Loops was a crowd favourite as always with his upbeat set which had everyone singing along and a brightly dressed Matthew Mole certainly did not disappoint and even threw in an awesome cover of the Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood. Shortstraw made sure the day ended on a high note, playing a mixture of new songs and old favourites which had the crowd singing along and dancing, and definitely keeping the cold at bay.

Photograph by Wesley Human

The well-cooked meal that was Parklife 2017

All in all, Parklife is a greatly run festival. It was not only enjoyable for people of all ages but really has something for everyone. Whether you want to be serenaded by the likes of Matthew Mole, dance to Sketchy Bongo, eat everything you can get your hands on or just soak up the sun with your friends. Parklife has you covered.

A massive thank you must go to the organizers! They worked so hard to ensure the day runs smoothly and that we all enjoy ourselves. You guys are the best and keep doing what you do so well!

Check out Wesley Human‘s visual coverage of Parklife 2017 below:

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