I don’t attend many exhibitions, but when I do they’re the small, out of the way, non-mainstream kinds. Photography exhibitions are especially a pleasure to attend because you get to see how other creatives are using the format to create art and it’s actually rather inspiring, truth be told. (I’m not very creative so I get to… Not steal, but pick up ideas).

This past Friday night was no different when I attended the intimate “Freedom Photo Challenge Exhibition” presented by Pretoria Street Photography in collaboration with the US Embassy that was held in the foyer of the Pretoria News Building in the CBD.

The evening was filled with photographs from 50 scholars from 5 different schools in Pretoria. The idea was to give each learner a disposable camera, take them on a few photography workshops, expose them to the world of photography and eventually see how much of what they had learnt they were able to put out.
Many of these students had never even held a camera before and I think this was such a great initiative by the organisers as it gave a lot of these kids an opportunity they would otherwise never have had.

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