This weekend past I spent the day at Rock on the Lawns, featuring the Pixies, just outside Carnival City.

Pre-and-During Event Jitters

I wasn’t planning on this article being anything more than just some photos from the evening but I can’t not include a mention about how well run this event was. AMP Events have only previously hosted indoor events so it was a new endeavor for them but they truly killed it.I wasn’t a massive fan of the venue, but they truly went above and beyond with the setup – amazing stage and visuals, bars longer than I could throw and more food trucks than many full weekend festivals.

Alright, the queue for the ladies toilets looked like the ’94 elections but outside of that they did an amazing job.I’ve been burnt before, with bands coming over and not playing some of the songs I’d be hoping to hear, such as Modest Mouse not playing Cowboy Dan and Bombay Bicycle Club with Cancel On Me. The Pixies didn’t disappoint in the slightest. They even played songs I’d been sad not to see on the Cape Town setlist from the night before.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. How about Marilyn Manson next, AMP Events?

Check out my visual coverage below:


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