Secret Sunrise debuted its Pretoria incarnation recently and it’s awesome. No mincing words here. It’s just a good time.

In case you haven’t heard of Secret Sunrise before, Secret Sunrise is a bi-monthly silent disco held at sunrise at various secret locations. The events are themed and there is a free one-hour yoga session before the dancing starts at 6am for those interested. The yoga was well-instructed in the cold morning air and as soon as the headphones were given out people quickly warmed up. The attendees arrived and received a set of headphones through which they could hear the music and were eased into the concept by helpful and upbeat instructors. No speakers. Just you and the headphones. Be weird. Have fun. Dance. Sing. And that’s what everyone did. It’s a weird but fantastic sensation. Everyone is listening to the same thing but as soon as I took off my headphones I experienced silence apart from the sound of feet jumping and the chorus of attendees singing along to the music which only they could hear. We really got into it.Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4368This year so far the Secret Sunrises has been held exclusively in Johannesburg and Cape Town but it has finally made its way to Pretoria. This first Secret Sunrise was held on the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre Roof which is the location of the old drive-in theatre and provided lots of room for activities and views of Pretoria not many get a chance to experience.

The participants varied from students who had pushed through a crazy all nighter to party through the sunrise to older families and children. There was a surprising amount of people for a cold Thursday morning. Roughly 200, I would guess.Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4428People got caught up in the atmosphere and the vibe. I loved it. I left feeling refreshed and ready for whatever.

Two thumbs up
5 gold stars
5/7 (internet joke)Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4430 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4431 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4446 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4458 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4462 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit- Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4316 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4321 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4330 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4333 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4354 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4369 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4395 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4410 Secret_Sunrise_Pretoria_by_Lourens_Smit-4423


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