The Goodman Gallery and Keleketla at King Kong collaborated in the finalisation of the exhibition Post African Futures. The exhibition culminated in a live performance, Episode 4 of The Afterlife of Mr Gold. The night was absolutely incredible! It featured performances by The Brother Moves On, Okmalumkoolkat, Just a Band, Lwanda Magere, Ricky Suede and Makmende.

It seemed to take me 4 episodes of this event before I jumped in on its wagon to check it out. I’m beginning to realise that The Brother Moves On could be my favorite band in South Africa. I loved other performances by Okmalumkoolkat and Just a Band from the Kenya. This was African music at its best and I had the time of my life. There were video showcases, mini interviews by Mr Gold to the featured guests just to pick their brains a bit and music in between and after. All this happened at King Kong in Troyeville, Doornfontein. By the looks of it, a 5th, and maybe 6th episode may follow so be on the look out.

Check out my pictures of the performances.

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