Heading to Feiyue and Dont Party Present sub_urban state 2.0 was a DYD team effort. We had a lovely afternoon with friends and 2L cocktails. It was Leese’s first time there and she explains her love of all things Tommy Gun and rooftop parties.

I was a bit wary about attending a party that involved alcohol and heights. The alcohol obviously wasn’t the problem, it never is. I have an absurd fear of heights, otherwise known to our more pretentious (jackass) readers as acrophobia. The promise of cocktail jars the size of my head was enough to allay my fear and join my fellow DYD crew for what ended up being one of my most enjoyable afternoons/evenings of this year.

The weather was very gracious which allowed us all to show a little skin. This was already a plus and we hadn’t even arrived yet. There was a bit of commotion upon entering the ladies’ room where I had to save a friend from entrapment. The inside handle of one of the doors didn’t exist so you have to have the door opened for you. sub­­_urban state, thank you for putting up notice that you will be sorting that out. Sure, it makes for a couple of laughs when hearing your friend’s desperate plea to open for her but when you drunkenly stumble into that particular cubicle having forgotten the defect it suddenly doesn’t seem as hilarious.

They weren’t lying about the size of the cocktail jar. It brought tears to my eyes and took a solid two hours to finish. Only exam entrance brings me that kind of joy. The venue of the roof top of the Citilec building is awesome. The view, more than impressive. Good music, food (including Paul’s amazing Homemade Ice Cream) and booze make for a laid back time.

I got to meet Cape Town based DJ, Tommy Gun, a little before his set. I’m not sure what the water that side contains but it makes some very pleasant, approachable people. What was even more impressive than his good breeding was his set. The rumours are true; he plays music that makes you want to get on the dance floor and get down with your bad self. Hey Tommy Gun, you’ve got a new fan.

All in all, Feiyue presents :: sub_urban state was an epic time. I will definitely be making a regular appearance.

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Click here to see photos from Feiyue and Dont Party Present sub_urban state 2.0. (II)

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