Remember that time in high school where you felt alienated from most normal social circles because you spent a good chunk of your holidays in your friends garage playing multi-player PC games with your closest friends? Hold onto it. Cherish it. Because geek culture has gone mainstream, so much so that it has warranted its own day festival. Enter the threat of persecution being a relic of old. Enter the first official South African Geek Fest.

Cosplay competitions, Star Wars marathons, Magic: The Gathering Tournaments and video game previews nestled amongst various stalls laden with comic books, collectibles, steampunk gear and anime. It was the very definition of a nerd cornucopia. Whatever aspect of geekdom you subscribe to was catered for and beckoning for you to indulge. Unfortunately the realization (or rather reminder) that such bespoke items do come with a hefty price tag and as such I suggest you save a healthy amount before next year’s inevitable redux. Oh how it scorns me to not buy a pocket watch with visible gear mechanisms because I don’t have the cash.

With that nerdy point established, I looked forward to two events that day – the Live Action Role-Playing (LARP-ing) showcase and the Robot Wars showcase. Unfortunately only one made it to fruition. All but one of the entered robots suffered problems moments before the tournament was meant to begin, which made the battle of epic proportions into that of a struggling robot fighting air. On the other hand the LARP-ing showcase was great. Essentially it is fencing but with more of a theatrical element. Competitors dress up in what is essentially medieval garb, touting non-metal swords, and face each other in a one-on-one battle to the….First to reach three points or get a ‘killing blow’. Eventually this all culminates in a single champion being crowned, followed by a all-out battle royale between the two different houses the competitors swear allegiance to. I’ve always wanted see such a thing live after watching the documentary Darkon albeit that we don’t have the scale that those across the seas do, I do hope that this event might have enticed some people to swear allegiance to a house of their own.

I always worry about attendance at fledgling events such at these in our country, and as such I was pleasantly surprised by the healthy attendance numbers as there was always a good constant amount of people during my stay. If I have to lodge a complaint, it’s that one could see all there is too see in a short span of time, leaving one to dawdle around between each event. Of course this is the first year and I’m sure as this event continues to grow it shall boom in the content department. I’m very adamant that there will be another next year…I sense the force is strong in this one.

As such I look forward to the next one as I enjoyed my time wallowing in the nerdom, fulfilling that blood-elf warlock that I carry somewhere deep within my soul, masked by years of neglect since that fateful day I lost track of which episode I was on in Bleach. Huzzah!

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