Yetu writes about Electric Kiss presented by Another-Day, Hello Computer and Kesh-In-Transit. This is probably her favourite Valentine’s Day experience and she’ll show you what it looked like through photography and GIFs. 

It’s almost as if Another-Day knew how to tempt me out of staying at home on Valentine’s Day. Every time I thought about staying at home there would be a reminder about the lighting rig that they were building for Electric Kiss with Hello Computer and Kesh-In-Transit. Many of you don’t realise that I studied engineering so that rig really got me going. I’m glad I went because this turned out to be one of the coolest parties I have ever been to.

Electric Kiss was hosted at the Musuem of African Design and everything about the venue was perfect. There was a certain underground, warehouse atmosphere built into the party by the organising teams. You should have seen my excitement when I spotted the 5 metre tall heart shaped lighting rig which would work with two or more people holding onto rope lights with sensors and as soon as a connection was made, insert a kiss, the rig would light up and if you were lucky enough you would be showered with confetti. It almost looked like a movie brought to life.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the music on the night, nor the Burning Love Cosmo, which just burned, but the bar was rad otherwise, the people were lovely and I really think that everyone enjoyed themselves. I had a really good time with Lucy and Ash. When we weren’t tearing up the dancefloor we reminsced about our Valentine’s Day experience at the 5FM Love Sucks party in 2012 and agreed that this was a mighty improvement. Well done to Another-Day, we love you guys. I think they’ve managed to host another incredible party and it’s up to you to make it to the next one.

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