Remember the kind people at Jose Cuervo who put up arguably one of the bigger parties Joburg has seen this year by bringing The Subways to SA? Three stages, tons (literally tons) of tequila, a rad venue and more acts than you thought. It actually felt like a mini-festival. Jacques attended the Johannesburg event, and this is what he can remember. Photos by Jacques. 

Last month Jose Cuervo hosted Who’s in for The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals? events for all the #partyanimals in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The Joburg one was smooth to say the least.
My go-to drink is a double Jack Daniel’s on the rocks. Here, there was no Jack. This was Cuervo Country, and very soon I couldn’t feel my face. Not a bad thing at all, to be clear. The whole DYD team handles their tequila SUPREMELY. Now, here’s a tour of what Jose Cuervo did with the venue. Town Hall was the La Hacienda stage, with headliners the Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Fast & Frank DJ set), Half ‘n Half, and Weasel setting the crowd up. The bars here were pretty quick, which is always worth a mention. Thanks Cuervo! As you exited Town Hall, you were greeted by food stalls: pop corn, pancakes, that sort of thing. Followed by a pretty huge bar, which always seemed packed. This alley way led up to the Main Stage, with Vampire 9000, Shortstraw, Kidofdoom, Desmond and the Tutus and The Subways set up to play here.

This was the first time I heard of Vampire 9000. Apparently this two piece played their first set in two years here at the Cuervo event, and they really weren’t bad at all.  I’m stoked to see what else they cook up.
Naturally, ShortStraw pulled a ridiculous crowd. I faintly remember a group of girls gushing about Alastair’s (lead singer of Shortstraw) hair. I’ve got to give these guys props. They’ve been touring their pears off, and it’s really paid off. The only way these boys are going is up.
Next up were the inspirational kidofdoom. They’re tight. I don’t know why, or how, but they’re tight. They played probably the most epic set of the night, up to that point, until Mother Nature came in like a friggin’ wrecking ball. Fans braved the rain until it seemed like half the Atlantic Ocean came pouring down on Jozi.
Most of the #partyanimals then went to the Back Room stage (the Carfax), hosting Lil Bow, Sassquatch, Yo Grapes, Moe Joe and Doctor Khumalo. This stage had a mechanical bull, a “wheel of choice”, and a cocktail stand in it. Only bummer here was the no smoking rule, which got ignored pretty quickly when hundreds of people squeezed in there and The Subways set up for an “acoustic” set which blew pretty much everyone’s face off. Crowd favourites like Oh Yeah, Mary and of course Rock and Roll Queen left the Carfax shaken and stirred.

This show was a personal highlight of 2013 for me. The organisers outdid themselves with the prep work for the event, even when Mother Nature threw them a curve ball, and their online presence is one to look out for. Thanks for a top event, Jose Cuervo.  DYD’s looking forward to the next one.

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