Kresha was at the MK Awards 2014 and she describes it as an incredible experience. See her photos and experience the event through her written piece.The MK Awards 2014 – a gathering of South Africa’s great musicians. Walking around the bars outside was certainly an experience. Not knowing a single artist, apart from Jack Parrow and not being able to utter a word of Afrikaans makes for an interesting evening. Everyone was dressed to the nines and made a true effort to either look as gorgeous or as elaborate as possible.The back of the bars were decorated with the most outstanding photographs of different bands that have performed in SA over the last year. I was honoured to have personally met the gentleman responsible for these images and one of the best live music event photographers – Sean Brand.

The stage was creatively decorated and I loved the fact that every band that performed was brought in on a big round rotating stage. The MCs were brilliant and had the crowd captured from the moment the show started. The lighting was great and was conducive to taking some really awesome pics!

The attitude and spirit of everyone who participated and those who won awards was so chilled and full of fun. The event was very well organised and the sound was perfect.

Huge congrats to everyone who won an award and to the organisers. I look forward to the 2015 awards!

Click here to see more photos of the MK Awards 2014.

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