Leese is our DYD Oppikoppi newbie this year and writes her version of ‘The Aftermath’. She has a few jokes, a few rants, a few loves and shows her fangirl side. 

I left Pretoria having never slept in a tent, taken a cold shower, blown out a dust filled nose or seen old man penis out in the open. I left Oppikoppi having done all these things.

Wednesday afternoon found me at the Oppikoppi farm in Northam, Limpopo. We were there a day before the actual festivities began. For those who have never been to Oppikoppi before I would advise going a day early as it helped me ease my way into the festival. When I say ‘ease’ I mean my camp mates and I ran around like escaped prisoners familiarizing ourselves with the dusty roads, causing general mayhem, all while armed with a bottle of Jose Cuervo Limited Edition Tequila (thank you Jose Cuervo).

I woke up to the question, ‘Do you know where my dignity is?’, and I found that I had no answer. Thursday morning proved to be difficult for a certain DYD editor who spent most of her morning looking like someone ran over her dog, twice. I found her eating Cheese Curls in my car as her method of hangover cure. In that moment we all learnt that tequila is not your friend. She did however bounce back in time for us to start watching some acts.

Kidofdoom was our first Oppikoppi performance because we spent most of the day in recovery. I missed these guys when they were recently at !Arcade Empire a couple of weeks back. These guys were phenomenal. I say this because at the start of their set I was not convinced that I wanted to spend an entire hour watching their show. They grew on me, boy did they grow! By the end of their performance I was at the front of the crowd screaming for more. The rest of the evening and weekend is hazy, even with pictorial aid. I will attempt to describe what I can remember in moments.

The Red Bull Stage is DYD’s favourite stage for obvious reasons. My only concern is that the area is an absolute deathtrap as it has an insane incline, boulders and loose rocks everywhere. One wrong move and there goes your neck. That being said, I don’t think I could adequately describe the magic in looking behind you and seeing a hilltop full of people partying up a storm.

Going to the Red Bull stage on Thursday night meant that it was house night. We did get a bit worried when we saw lighting in the sky. This year’s Oppikoppi had the most random weather, with strong wings and a bit of rain. The Red Bull stage did break down twice while we were there but I’m super glad that the logistics team had everything ready and sorted for the bass night on Friday.

Friday is difficult to remember for some reason and I believe that I might have lost a day. We’ll blame Robertson Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ll never forgive myself for missing Micasa’s performance – especially because I missed hearing their new song ‘Jika’. I’ ve gotten rave reviews from those who watched the talented trio perform.

The Naked Mile was the first thing that greeted me on Saturday. I was wholly unprepared for what I witnessed. What is seen can’t be unseen. There was much penis. However, when I got over my prudish sensibilities it was fun to watch and all involved had a good time. Shout-out to the few ladies who joined in, more power to you. I spent the rest of the day catching a few daytime performances. Hearing Al Bairre from the showers made my morning shower a lovely experience. I’ve never heard Jeremy Loops live and he put on a pretty good show and had the crowd buzzing. Toya Delazy was an energetic performance. She’s definitely worthy of the BET nomination.

Robert DeLong was an insane performance! The hype around him is completely warranted. This guy has pure talent, charm and energy. Even through a few technical difficulties he had the crowd roaring. I can safely say that all who watched his performance were thoroughly impressed.

I have to raise my glass, tip my hat and give a round of applause for Mango Groove. It was definitely my favourite performance of Oppikoppi. With a set that was a mixture of their beloved hits and a few new ones there wasn’t a frowning face anywhere in sight. Special mention to the backup vocalists/dancers – they got the crowd grooving to the beat.

LCNVL, Richard The Third and Pascal & Pearce was how the DYD team ended Oppikoppi – on a high and bass filled note. Thank you for allowing us to get down with our bad selves. We salute you.

What I loved about Oppikoppi

– The people: What a phenomenal bunch of ragamuffins we all are. Within a few hours of arriving at Oppikoppi I felt at home, met interesting people, heard the craziest quotes and made new friends. Peace, love and light to all of you.
– The chow: My goodness! Every single thing I bought at a food stand was so delicious it almost had me chewing my lips off. Please Oppikoppi, bring ALL of them back next year.

What I didn’t quite love about Oppikoppi (a personal rant): 
– The pong: Okay, it didn’t smell and I’m being dramatic but it freaked me out that no showering took place. This was standard procedure. 3 days? No soap? Nothing? I’ll be the first to complain about the cold water and how uncomfortable it was but one can really manage. Y’all swim right? So y’all can take a scrub. End rant.

Overall, Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast 2013 was the hands down the best jol of 2013. Though some have complained that the line up wasn’t as great as last year I thoroughly enjoyed every act I (managed to) watch and the festival as a whole. In dust I trusted and the beast left me bewildered.

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