DJ, Paddy and Yetu set out to the last stop of the PUMA Happy Holiday tour. It was in a very random place called ‘Rumours’ and this night turned out to be quite the adventure. Yetu explains and you will see the event through the lenses of Yetu, Paddy and DJ. 

Rumours is really random. I wasn’t too sure about the venue. I’d never been there nor heard of it and it turned out to be quite a distance for us to travel. Nonetheless, the party was there and the naas family had been at work inside the venue, making it look incredible. I’d like to believe that I first noticed the decor but I would be lying. I first thought about the heat. Rumours has crazy ventilation problems, it seems that they installed air-conditioning and put fans all over the place but it did nothing to change the heat generated by all those dancing bodies. It was like walking into a sauna when you moved from outside to inside. I kept hearing people talk about how they were going to have to shower when they got home. That was no exception for me.

I was pretty excited about the line-up. It featured Beach Party, Desmond & the Tutus, ShortStraw, Half ‘n Half, Thor Rixon and Gateway Drugs. Hello Beautiful was supposed to perform too but I found out towards the end of the show that he wasn’t going to take to the stage and I was pretty bummed by that. I think the performances were incredible especially considering how exhausted the whole team must have been after all the touring. I’m so happy that I got to see Desmond & the Tutus again. This time I put away my camera and jammed, I haven’t done that in the longest time. The crowd at the ShortStraw time slot was probably the best. People were jumping and singing on top of their lungs. I was also psyched to see Thor Rixon. We featured him on the site a while ago, under naasMUSIC, and I’ve been waiting to see him. He was really good. I jammed and so did Matthew Mole.

The best moment of the night happened during Gateway Drugs’ set. Jordan, from Another-Day, presented Andile with a birthday cake. Andile accepted the cake and a cake fight ensued. This was the icing on the cake because soon after this the entire crew involved in the Puma Happy Holiday tour jumped on stage and jammed with Gateway Drugs. I considered this to be a fitting end to an incredible tour.

I did temporarily sulk when I got home and realised I didn’t introduce myself to Stewart Innes from the Assembly. When I get struck down by S.S. (Stupid Shyness) there is nothing I can do and I sadly really like his work. Oh well, next time.

Look out for Jacques’ review of Puma Happy Holiday. He was down by the coast when he saw the whole group. The DYD team loves the naas family. You guys are doing incredible things for music in South Africa. Hopefully see you soon, don’t stay away for too long!

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