The Drop Your Drink team paid a visit to STR.CRD this year. STR.CRD is a 3-day festival dedicated to fashion, skateboarding, sneakers and design. It was held in the Maboneng Precinct. Yetu gives a break-down of the event.

When I fondly think of STR.CRD (pronounced as street cred) I think of how it was like everything about Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D and Gym Class Heroes was shredded and made into an event. It was a combination of all three and had an incredibly high coolness factor. DJ and I were were covering the STR.CRD for Drop Your Drink and we had the biggest smiles plastered on our faces while we were there. We probably looked like idiots but we couldn’t help it.

I think I had a similar feeling when I went to New York. It was that feeling that I wanted to belong to something greater than myself. There was graffitti on the walls, well-dressed people and everything just seemed so badass. STR.CRD was in downtown Johannesburg, a place that has seen so many changes in the past few years. In my opinion STR.CRD has greatly assisted with Johannesburg’s inner city revival. I say this because there were all sorts of people there. There were the Joburg fashionistas, there were old men in worn clothing and little children just looking to have fun. I think that was my first time seeing a place without economic apartheid playing a role.

Some of the cooler aspects of STR.CRD: playing Rock, Paper and Scissors to win a pair of Adidas sneakers; the STR.CRD pop-up shop expo; meeting Fani, one of the owners of Crazy White Bitches; the BMX bikers that included children flying down ramps; and the STR Kings basketball tournament. It was also entertaining to note that it is possible for me to feel underdressed. I had this niggling feeling that I was, as soon as I walked into the general area. Fortunately I had my Dr. Martens in the car, I save them for electro gigs, and when I wore them I had a complete look.

My only wish was that I had stayed longer. DJ and I decided to check out the Feiyue and Dont Party sub_urban state event that was within walking distance of the STR.CRD general area and we got held up there. I had an amazing day at both events and the review of sub_urban state is available here.

We’ll definitely be back for STR.CRD 2013. It’s going to be far bigger than this and such a joy to take part in. If you want to have a look at the street style photos from STR.CRD then you’re going to click here.

Click here for more photos of STR.CRD 2012.

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