The DYD team decided to Gautrain to sub_urban state 3.0 and experience the magic of Johannesburg’s favourite rooftop party. Leese explains our day and why the 2L cocktails are dangerous. Yetu rants about the Gautrain.

I use any excuse to get out of Pretoria. What better reason than to attend my favourite rooftop party? sub_urban state did not disappoint.

Our journey began at the Hatfield Gautrain station, jumping off at Park Station and ending with a ‘short’ (according to Yetu) walk to Kitcheners where the sub_urban state bus delivered us to the promised land, the Citilec building. A heads up for my Pretorians wanting to use the Gautrain as a method of transportation on a Saturday, don’t. The trip was not quick and filled with people going to Sandton to blow their salaries.* The sub_urban state bus, however, was efficient and FREE. I definitely recommend that people make use of it.

*Side rant by Yetu: I could complain for years about the Gautrain as a mode of party transport. I could complain until I don’t need it to party anymore because by then I’ll have a chauffeur as my designated driver. First up, why isn’t it open for longer? I don’t expect it to operate every 15 minutes but every hour up until midnight should be reasonable. It would get so many drunk drivers off the highways at that time. A closing time of 20:30 at Park Station on a Saturday is unreasonable. Secondly, they don’t warn you when the car parkade closes. You might decide to catch a lift home and find the shutters closed and the people with the keys have left. I understand that you have security concerns but is it too much to expect that you can at least put car parkade closing times up?

The first item on the agenda was to try the (in)famous cocktails that I had heard such good things about. A warning to the lightweights, these drinks are all sorts of dangerous and delicious but they were the perfect cool down for the sweltering heat. The DJs lined up kept us entertained to the point where I was accused of dancing ‘like a ho’. Shout out to liver, the new guest Embassy (Haezer’s side-project) and Das Kapital. Special shout out to Das Kapital, he played an awesome set, is approachable and converses in a way that makes me believe in the human race again. There’s something about Cape Town that produces well rounded DJs.

My only complaint would be that whilst the bathroom door problem in the ladies loo has been fixed, there aren’t any mirrors. It’s not that I leave the house half dressed, I just sometimes like to check whether I still appear human.

If this party was a taste of the rest of the parties sub_urban will be hosting then sign me up for the rest of this year. An excellent party, do yourself a favour and don’t miss the next one.

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