Lucy was on an Australian adventure and had the opportunity to see The 1975 while she was in Melbourne. This is her experience and photos by Casual Band Blogger, click here to see more.

Photo by the Casual Band Blogger

‘This is the stupidest show we’ve played in ages. I mean what the fuck are we doin’ – Adam [lead guitarist] is playing Mario Kart or somethin’ between songs, I’m completely pissed off my ‘ed, and Ross [bass player] has just gone! Wait, where’s he gone!? [looks to back stage] Oh, he’s just over there drinkin…’ – Matt Healey [lead singer].

The 1975 are a Manchester indie/alternative rock band that have been around for a few years but had only recently in September of last year released their first full length LP, which went to number one in the UK in its first week of release. Songs such as Chocolate and Sex have even had radio play on 5FM locally.

Photo by the Casual Band Blogger

I would go as far as to say that I’m obsessed with the 1975 and it came as no surprise that I found myself at Northcote Social Club in Melbourne watching them perform one of their most intimate gigs to date.

I once read ‘What’s the point of liking bands if you’re never going to meet them?’ Well … having been dropped off around the corner from the social club I looked up to find Matt Healey and George Daniel [drummer] walking straight toward me, so I successfully got a selfie with the band. Having realised what had just happened I headed straight to the bar for a cider to calm myself before heading into one of the best indie gigs yet.

Photo by the Casual Band Blogger

The venue, Northcote Social Club, suited the bands nostalgic, youthful vibe. And any venue that allows you to be within centimetres of a band is great in my books. They began their set with The City, running through almost every track on their LP, ending with You. The hearth-throb lead singer and his untammed hair provided a performance that mimicked the feelings of every track played.

The vibe of the gig was fun in its purist from both the crowd and the band. When Matt took off his shirt, girls in the crowd yelled for him to take his pants off as well. He provided us with a bantered response: ‘… imagine how misogynistic I would sound if I requested you to take your trousers off … think about that misses’.

I wouldn’t have minded him taking his pants off.

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