Lucy, one of new contributor writers, found herself at The Drums concert that took place at Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg on the 16th of November. This is a funny post about her experience and how she went to The Drums alone.

I recently watched a documentary about the Beatles. What struck me were the crazy fans screaming at the mere presence of the band, and then it hit me: I am a crazy fan and The Drums are my Beatles. Let me explain.

Leading up to the concert it seemed like no one in a 50 km radius of Pretoria was going, but I refused to sacrifice my Drums experience. Yes, I was prepared to be that sad act that ventures alone to a concert. My aim in life is not to be that creepy loner guy – you know the one I’m talking about, when you’re on the dance floor at a gig and you look around and make eye contact with that guy who is randomly standing alone acting as if he’s with the people next to him, even though his so-called people change every five minutes. That night I succeeded.

The song Down By The Water, was the theme for the night, with traitorous down pour on-route, lucky the venue Bassline, was indoors (Grietfest flashbacks anyone?!). Bassline, not the original choice of venue, was a perfect fit for the concert. It was my first time there and has become one of my new favourite venues in Newtown. I am secretly hoping that more gigs will be held there in the future. The theatre provided an intimate vibe, with people sitting on stairs on the sides of the theatre, and a standing pit for the real fans to jam in. Yes I am a real fan and I will claim the fact that I was standing right in front! The one advantage of going solo is that I only had to tactically make space in the front for one person.

Upon arrival, I followed the standard bar routine. The only thing that was different this time was that I wanted to be one of the bartenders – for the mere fact that they were all sporting Adidas uniforms that I wouldn’t have minded owning. Service was pretty average but I was impressed with the variety of drinks, I got to avoid the usual Millers Beer vs. Brutal Fruit suffrage.

It was a November concert, so of course the biggest cliché was Movember. Boys sporting their questionable tashes were awarded with Adidas hampers, with one girl claiming a Movember down there (ladies this isn’t Fanuary) just to get the free hamper.

The night was supported by Black Handed Kites, whom I don’t know too much about I’ll admit, provided some groovy beats to set the tone for the night. Desmond and The Tutus definitely got the crowd pumped and majorly prepared for what was to come.

At the risk of this sounding like a total memoir, I discovered The Drums on MTV (when MTV wasn’t code for a reality show). Watching the Forever and Amen video, with its vintage laid back style got me hooked. That was 5 years ago. Present day I’m at a concert that feels like I am witnessing the music video live. Each band member had that quirky vibe that defines them, with the guitarist on my end sporting a seriously impressive floral shirt that if anyone else had worn it would have been a definite negative. I did have to question how the lead singer managed to keep his jacket on for so long, not to mention the keyboardist in his pull over. The performance, dare I say it, was awesome! There’s always a risk of a band not playing your favourite song, this wasn’t the case. They played every song you could think of and insanely well I might add. The crowd loved them, singing along to every surfer- pop beat, with the band interacting with the crowd on a regular basis, with even the guitarist personally having to constantly reassure the guys next to me that they were in fact going to play Let’s Go Surfing. I left immediately after their encore, I was alone and I wasn’t going to hang around. I left feeling fully satisfied.

Adidas, I’m excited to see who you’ll be bringing next year.

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