The DYD team spent some time with The PUMA Creative Factory on their ‘Love Thy Planet’ project. This project was broken into two events, Co-Lab and the Earth Hour After Party. One of our new contributors, Riley, takes you on our Co-Lab journey and Lucy writes about the Earth Hour After Party.

Through PUMA’s international drive for producing sustainable products, Co-Lab with The PUMA Creative Factory was experienced on the 23rd of March. The effort followed a number of many other PUMA projects across the globe including places like Istanbul, New Delhi, and Dubai. The community activity was hosted by PUMA to educate the general public on just how easy it is to make some stylin’ clothes with the right materials.

The whole day was based around the idea of Lumitype printing. Both t-shirts and bags were available from PUMA for a nominal fee to use for the process. DIY pinhole cameras were also available to people daring enough to take on the engineering feat that allowed for some pretty unique shots.

The whole Lumitype process involved:
1) Taking an article of clothing with natural fibres (cotton or silk) and painting a special dye, available in a number of colours, across it in a creative fashion.

2) A black and white negative of a photo (on transparent film) was then applied on top of the dye, pegged down, and then left to “print” in the sun for approximately ten minutes.

Just a side note – it’s best if you watch the whole process; as some of us found out, if you don’t watch closely your whole artistic creation might turn into a solid rectangular blob if you put too much dye on it or leave it in the sun for too long.

3) To finish it off, the items were washed with some hot water and laundry detergent to remove any unstained dye – through the use of an eco-friendly washing machine – and then left to dry.

The event was hosted at South Point, The Grove placed somewhere near the heart of Braamfontein. Following the Avant-garde look and feel of the area, some top-notch entertainment was provided, including the likes of Lil’ Bow, Musical Chairs, Half ‘n Half and Deep Fried Man.

With a unique atmosphere and some VIP treatment, the DYD team got to experience a feeling not often experienced in South Africa – a sense of the development of a modern culture. The feeling that the place that we were in was something special on a worldwide scale, and that truly did rock.

If you’re into the whole eco-friendly vibe and want to find out more about the project – including why their t-shirts are so special, check out

The Earth Hour After Party
If PUMA Social Club is the meeting point of the after hours athletes then we consider ourselves Olympic champions of the social scene and we found ourselves supporting the good cause that The PUMA Creative Factory laid out. The Earth Hour After Party was also some of the team’s long over-due first PUMA Social Club experience.

We had spent a relaxing, fun-filled day with good food, people and entertainment at Co-Lab and we were keen for a minor shindig.

Our journey started with a brief walk to the social club. Upon arrival everyone received giant glow sticks. Glow sticks are one of my beloved party accessories but we were quickly told not to break them immediately. It seemed that PUMA had something planned for Earth Hour and this was our way of participating.

PUMA Social Club has been around for some time, therefore I’m sure you don’t want another review but here comes a minor one because I had only heard good things about it. I went in with high expectations and I’m glad to say that I wasn’t let down. As the name suggests it’s a social club. Social clubs are things that my parents used to go to back in their hey-day. Don’t expect a huge party but rather a place that you and your mates can chill for the rest of the evening. Table tennis, pool tables, foosball and game machines provide some interactive entertainment.

Bar service was great! I really enjoyed the bartenders in their quirky car guard uniforms helping around the room. The food was also really good, with me constantly, somewhat embarrassingly so, helping myself to everyone else’s food around me.

The crowds of people were having a jolly old time with DJ Kenzero providing some good beats to set the party ball in motion, until…there was darkness. It was 20h30. For those of you that don’t know, Earth Hour is a worldwide event held annually towards the end of March, encouraging individuals to turn off their lights for one hour in order to raise much needed awareness about climate change and sustainable living.

When the lights went off there wasn’t a typical movie scene of shouts, glasses breaking and tables being shoved across wooden floors but rather of chatter and glow sticks everywhere. I did have a momentary panic when I couldn’t find my friends but I found them near the bar. The Mr Cat and the Jackal managed to get the right balance for their acoustic set somewhere in the middle of Earth Hour and the effort was appreciated by the eager crowd on the dance floor.

Having been out and about for most of the day, we left shortly after Earth Hour. This was said to be the last PUMA Social Club event, however don’t despair as the social club will be back for its next half on the 12th April.

Whether you were there because the social club is your usual jam, or because you thought it was their last party, or perhaps you attended because you genuinely care about the Earth and Earth Hour, I believe that you found a good party and had a great time.

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