This is Yetu’s second H2O experience and she’s come out without H2O Rage but will still likely never make an appearance there again. Read why the DJs made her evening and how the crowd let her down once again. If you want to read her previous H2O experience at the Deadmau5 concert then click here.

I shouldn’t be allowed to write about H2O because I’ll never say anything nice about it. I went to watch the Johannesburg leg of the Skrillex Mothership Tour at H2O and the only thing I can walk away with besides the stellar performances by all the DJs is that I didn’t experience that blinding fury that I now call ‘H2O Rage’.

You might recall that my first H2O attendance was for Deadmau5 (Dead-mau-Five to a majority of the concert goers). I hated it so much; I have never been so angry at a party before. I don’t know whether it was the fumes of steroids and bronzing oil emitting off most of those people but I swore I’d never go back. Then Skrillex announced that he’d becoming and I sighed and said I’d follow him into ‘Monkeyfried Jersey Shore’ hell.

The concert was held on the 2nd of March. I already had major regrets about saving up for Ibiza and T in the Park, this amazing Scottish Music Festival, because it restricted me to remaining in Gauteng. I would have gladly paid for my ticket to Cape Town to watch the concert from there. After all, Cape Town had the best line-up which included Niskerone and Haezer, who were both absent from the Johannesburg line-up, and of course there were fewer meatheads.

I had an okay time, this time. I think I had an okay time, not a bad time, because I spent it with fashion editor, Lucy, and we spent the afternoon mocking people (we were those girls), looking for the real Skrillex fans and dousing ourselves in tequila. Perhaps that’s the only way to relatively enjoy H2O? I don’t know. You can look forward to Lucy’s scathing H2O Rage filled fashion post.

I’m just going to put it out there that I had a terrible media experience. If you want to ask what that entails then comment below. The only thing I can be thankful for is that I didn’t see any fights. I’m also glad that the H2O management didn’t give glow sticks to the crowd so that they could chuck them at the DJs. I liked, oooh I like something, that it was less full this time, even though it was sold out.

I think the good music for me started around Alvin Risk’s set. Lucy and I had been hibernating by the bar for most of the day and we only came out as Alvin Risk took to the stage. That’s not to say that DJ Fresh, Euphonik and Roger Goode didn’t do a great job, we were just saving ourselves for what we came for. Subsequently 12th Planet gave me goosebumps. 12th Planet and Alvin Risk, I thank you, you two are incredible!

Skrillex managed to set the stage alight, even with songs like Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake in his set. The entire production from the lighting, to the lasers and smoke effects were phenomenal. I just wished that the crowd was more amped. I was so psyched that I probably looked like I was on MDMA or something because I was dancing so hard. Many people stood in the same spot and did that thug arm waving thing. I actually couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t a hip-hop concert. Skrillex pioneered a style of dubstep called Brostep, it’s so high energy that we’ve been doing Harlem Shake dance moves before they were cool. There should have actually been an electro mosh pit in the middle somewhere but there wasn’t. The videos of the crowd look cool purely because there were so many people watching Skrillex’s set but that’s about it.

Overall, I’m glad the concert is over. It had it’s great bits and it’s sucky bits.

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