You will think I’m nuts when I explain that the YOG YOG Presents Cyberpunkers was my first YOG YOG party. For some or other odd reason that involves the universe or something like it I have never been to a YOG YOG party or MiHouse and almost didn’t go to this party. When I walked down the street to MiHouse I knew I had made the right choice to come, even though I was late by some people’s standards.

It was just an incredible night. I have loved Grimehouse since I saw him at Oppikoppi earlier on this year and he didn’t disappoint. He played that 2011 dubstep shit that I miss hearing when I’m out. It was just so damn good and I was super amped, it might have been the music or that insane drinks special, two Monster and double vodka drinks for R50.

Cyberpunkers came on and things rocketed to another level. I was one of the many who hadn’t seen them when they were brought out by Griet a few years ago so I was more than excited to experience the performance live. Fast forward to 2013 and just one of the duo is here to blow our minds. It was good, not what I was quite expecting, but still good. I think I was thrown off initially when I heard Knife Party’s LRAD for the second time during the evening in Cyberpunkers’ set but I quickly forgot that when it was time to shout Who the fuck is Haezer?

It was overall a great evening with amazing friends. The venue rocked, the drink specials were unbelievable and I really dug that bass music vibration feel. Thanks YOG YOG, you cemented my birthday weekend with an incredible party.

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