Wanna get weird?*
(LOL, of course you do)

There’s a new bar in town that serves unique drinks with their own experiences. Getting drunk has just become more fun. The bar is full of crazy props and is basically a playground for Instagrammers. Capture the books at the bar (which you can pick up and read), the suspended frames and the eccentric couch; there are tons of photo ops everywhere.

The venue is run by Molecular Bars, well versed in creating mind-blowing drinks. You’ve most likely seen them whipping and flaring at events held within the Maboneng area.

Every month the bar will have 6 different specialty cocktails on offer, so even more of a reason to regularly stop by.

This month you should ask for:
– Ramos Gym Fizz (For those who can’t live without their gym bottle)
– SNVL (Tastes like childhood at the cinema, but is way more fun)
– Hex of the Hare (Voodoo inspired cocktail, the guys enjoyed this one)
– Love and Redemption (Tequila has never been more flirty)
– Black Friday/White Monday (Basically like the lunch breaks in Wolf of Wall Street but without the drugs)
– Champagne Broni (What I was born to enjoy – Champagne with mild fireworks)

Each cocktail is accompanied by a story and an experience. So when you’re at the bar be sure to ask the guys what inspired each drink. The venue also hosts a coffee shop (open during the week) and offers barista training courses. We really had a great time hanging out with Dom and are incredibly excited to visit again soon. Thanks so much for hosting us guys!

Follow them on Instagram at @themarchhare_sa and here for Facebook. Remember to tag them in your pictures when you give them a visit.

*no drinks were dropped in the making of this.

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