Since its inception in 1998, Redbull Music Academy has been country hopping for sometime, grazing our shores in 2003 in Cape town and finally this year in Johannesburg. The whole event started on the 25th of August with an exhibition at Kalashnikovv gallery and has been covering different aspects of the arts since with the official music festival part kicking off on the 1st of September. I caught up with it, after a long hiatus I should add, in Braamfontein on the 2nd and boy did everybody come out for it. On this specific nights, four venues were offered, and Club, Kitcheners, Carfax, and Great Dane, I only managed the last three. Kitcheners was a comfortable party, not to full, not empty and the music was good, did I mention how much I love those fans by the side of the dancefloor? Yeah, I really do. I don’t think Great Dane needed the Redbull party to fill up, it’s always full, this night was no different, if anything, the queue was longer than that of people wanting to go into Kitcheners, I don’t know how they do it. After some serious shuffling to get out of Great Dane, I checked out Carfax, it felt a bit forgotten but it was not that bad either, the highlight, well at least at the time I was there, was Sketchy Bongo and Aewon Wolf’s performance, that got the people going. Rushed back to the other Braam side and the party went on. My absolute highlight of the night? – JacobSnake, he really brought it down in Kitcheners.img_7058Saturday was Number 1 Fox’s turn, seemingly the main day of the entire event. 2 floors, the live music side and the electro/house DJ side, they both had their people but most of them were at the live music side. By the time I got there, Christian Tiger School was steady warming up the crowd with their awesome tunes, OKZHARP, Chris Saunders (yes Chris Saunders) and Manthe Ribane followed with their fiery performance, it was at this point that I had to literally stop taking pictures before I filled up my memory cards. Fast forward through the awesome Moonchild and AKA who always move the crowd to the main act, Fat Freddy’s Drop, what a show they brought, with constant battle of the best singers between the crowd and the band, nobody wanted the show to end, but unfortunately good things do come to and end, it was then after this that I decided to head home too.img_6471Although not feeling like it, fatigue had crept in, I still decided to go to Soweto to check the last night of the entire festival at Zon6 venue in Diepkloof, yeah interesting club it was. For starters, you could only drink castle lite as beer, of all the friends I have, nobody seems to like it, including myself. In terms of managing  a certain things like the entrance, there was the Redbull way and the Zone6 bouncers’ way. According to Redbull, day people could not leave after entering but anybody from weekender passes to media and so on could go in and out as they wanted, according to the Zone6 bouncers, once you were out, you were to pay to go back in, I have no idea how they dealt with this with the crew and artists but anyway, I didn’t stay for long, my feet were tired, my soul wasn’t there and they didn’t have Carling Black Label (and I’m specifying the Carling part because the bartenders just wanted to give me Johnnie Walker) but all in all, I really enjoyed the weekend and the music, hopefully they come back again in some few years to come.

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