The Drop Your Drink team is composed of individuals that love to travel; it’s no wonder that we travel as a team. We’ve been getting up to all sorts of adventures by ourselves but this past Friday, the 3rd of July, we decided to adventure in Johannesburg. We invited you to come along, some of you did and it was great.

We were invited to join the Underground Pub Crawl hosted by MainStreetWalks Johannesburg and as per suggestion we stayed over at Curiocity Backpackers in the Maboneng Precinct. The tour started at Curiocity Backpackers at 20h00 and ended nearby at 01h30. It made perfect sense to spend the night at Curiocity, one of Johannesburg’s coolest backpackers.


This experience is going to be one of my favourite memories. The tour achieved perfect alignment in terms of the people who were involved, the accommodation that we had and the bar stops that we went to. I hung out with the Drop Your Drink team members and friends that could make it on the night. The DYD team present on the night included Ashleigh Jacobs, Christiaan Pretorius, Deji Dada, Lebogang Ditibane, Lourens Smit and Paddy Eriksen. We spent time with the tour organiser, Bheki Dube, and other pub crawl attendees who came from all over the country and the world while we were on the Underground Pub Crawl.

Our tour included Fox Den Pub with its reinforced metal wire fence that protected the bartenders and its dance floor placed between tables; Lenin’s Vodka Bar with its stunning interior and hip scene; The March Hare located in the basement of the Museum of African Design as an Instagrammers paradise; Fairview Bar, a shebeen located in Fairview which had great music and a loaded washing machine; BTJs at the Don Building with its incredible architecture; and the Taxidermy Bar at Zebra Inn with its dance floor surrounded by unmoving animal eyes that have seen far too much. One of the tour’s highlights was seeing one of the best views of Johannesburg from the rooftop of Beryl Court.


Johannesburg is magnificent. The history of this city is remarkable and Bheki gives you a sense of that while on this tour. I highly suggest that you round a few friends and go on this experience. Curiocity Backpackers is well-styled and it’s in such a convenient area in terms of experiencing Johannesburg’s inner city. Bed/room arrangements are priced between R160 – R390. If you’re booked on the Underground Pub Crawl then book a bed for the night. You really just need somewhere to lay your body for a few hours after the tour. Remember to book early because Curiocity Backpackers gets fully booked. The tour itself is R200 and includes a shot and drink at each pub. Remember to take extra money for food and have an open mind where ever you go.

I can’t say that no drinks were harmed in the attendance of the pub crawl because a drink was dropped in Fox Den but this will remain one of my favourite nights out in Johannesburg. A special thanks goes out to Curiocity Backpackers and MainStreetWalks for hosting the Drop Your Drink team on the night.

Photos by Paddy Eriksen and Yetunde Dada

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