Jimi Hendrix. Janice Joplin. Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse. Boosh.

After a few failed attempts to join the 27 club, boosh has powered through for one last-ditch effort. That’s right, folks, it’s is back for one final hurrah for twenty-seven-dream. As some of you may already know, Shortstraw will be exercising some quiet time in the form of an hiatus next year… Twenty-Break-Teen.


  • Johnny Cradle
  • The Ceramics
  • Josh Kempen
  • Gangs of Ballet
  • Grassy Spark
  • Shortstraw

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“Now that most of us are in our thirties, we’re tired all the time. Like ALL the time. So we just need to take a little break to catch up on some sleep. Like seriously, we’re probably just going to be sleeping the whole time. And eating. Oh boy, we can’t wait. See you in 2019 when we’re fat and well-rested. Stay safe out there.”
– Alastair Thomas (Shortstraw)
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