Jacques has made a handy scheduling guide for the team when we’ll be at RAMfest. You should check this out as well as some of the performances you could expect. You can check out our link for more event details, click here.

That fateful Sunday RAMfest announced what is probably the biggest festival line up South Africa has ever seen, I knew we were in for a good one. Anticipation is at an all time high, knowing that Biffy Clyro, Foals, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Vuvuvultures, and Camo & Krooked ft Dynamite MC will be gracing our stages in less than a month. It’s gonna be filthy. Here are our plans for Johannesburg’s leg of RAMfest, happening from the 6th – 9th of March. This is a rough day schedule, set chronologically so we know where we’re headed. This is all assuming we’ll never sleep or feel sick. ‘Cause that never happens at festivals.

Day One: Thursday
Stellenbrau Carnival Stage
– 19h00 – The Martin Brothers
– 20h00 – Carri Wolfe
– 21h00 – Justin Swart
– 22h00 – Jet Black Camaro
– 23h00 – Black Market Riots

Day Two: Friday
Stellenbrau Carnival Stage
– 13h45 – Mr Cat & the Jackal

Red Heart Rum Stage 
– 17h00 – VuvuVultures (UK)

– 18h00 – Gangs of Ballet

Olmeca Stage
– 19h00 – Phizicist

Monster Stage
– 20h00 – Taxi Violence

Red Heart Rum Stage
– 21h00 – Foals (UK)
– 23h00 – Biffy Clyro (Scotland)

Day Three: Saturday
Stellenbrau Carnival Stage
– 11h00 – Yo Grapes

Olmeca Stage
– 18h00 – Half ‘n Half

Red Heart Rum Stage
– 19h00 – Pestroy*
– 20h00 – Liver

*Announced an indefinite hiatus starting right after RAMfest 2014

– 21h00 – Trivium (USA)

– 23h00 – Killswitch Engage (USA)

Olmeca Stage
– 01h00 – Camo & Krooked ft. Dynamite MC (AUS & UK) 

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