We have the pleasure of interviewing Johan Auriacombe, one of the Grietfest 2016 organisers, and visiting the container yard before Grietfest 2016 this year. Johan is going to give us some handy tips on what to expect this Saturday and we’re going to give you a glimpse of your future party venue.grietfest-2We’ve been at Grietfest since it began. Why is this year’s Grietfest going to be the best one yet

It’s a pleasure having you guys over again this year. Crazy that its already Grietfest 6. I still remember you guys at the first one!

This year is the second year that we in the new venue so we have a better feel for the space now… the main stage is also going to be so damn epic this year!grietfest-3How much work have you put into making this venue look like this? And where did the idea to have Grietfest at a shipping yard come from?

The container yard is a big job… we have been moving containers since last week. The venue was introduced to us by our friends over at Beanstalk… the timing was so perfect as the old venue was way too small for us and now we have space to grow again!grietfest-4How long has it taken to plan Grietfest 2016?

Planning usually starts right after Grietfest with a debrief to see how we can improve from the previous one and then major planning starts in November so its been quite some time… you can only imagine the excitement we have that its finally showtime!grietfest-5Could you give us any handy tips so that we can enjoy the day?

  • Gates open early (13:00) so eat a big breakfast!
  • Hot in the day so sunblock
  • Cold at night so something warm
  • We have lockers. Book now at http://www.locked.co.za/
  • Plan your line up in advance!
  • Plan you travel route in advance

Is the Naked Guy going to make an appearance on stage again this year?

The naked guy is currently in retirement but we’ve heard some rumours…grietfest-5What’s the situation with parking?

We have opened up more parking and it will be safe but we would suggest people use the uber promo for Johannesburg and the Hotbox Express for Pretoria.

If you are driving it would be great if you and your friends did a carpool so that you only need one designated driver.

Uber is runing a R150 promo code for new users (Code: GRIETFEST2016).

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