We have the pleasure of interviewing Johan Auriacombe, one of the Grietfest 2017 organisers, and visiting the container yard before Grietfest 2017 this year. Johan is going to give us some handy tips on what to expect this Saturday and we’re going to give you a glimpse of your future party venue.

What is your favorite part of Grietfest 2017?

The best part is seeing how excited people are about the festival and all the GIFs they have been posting on the event. My favorite part is standing on-site looking at the setup and thinking how blown away everyone is going to be tomorrow!

Are there any surprises in-store?

This year there are a lot more surprise corners throughout the container year. The container maze contains places to get lost within the festival. It will definitely be an adventure!

How do you feel Griet has progressed since its inception?

Griet always evolves… Griet as a brand isn’t very active anymore but the only project we still commit to 150% is Grietfest! Because of this, every year Grietfest is a reunion for the team and everybody gets to work together all over again!

Grietfest Gesigte

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