Welcoming live jazz nights to African Beer Emporium!

We caught up with Auriel from African Beer Emporium.

ABE is an upmarket restaurant/bar which will focus on delivering local and foreign visitors a taste of Africa in an unprecedented way and with exceptional style.

Hey guys, what impact do you see African Beer Emporium making?

We see African Beer Emporium at the centre of a new Pretoria. We want integrated audiences and we want the kids to venture into the city again. We want everyone to feel at home in our place.

As it stands there are still only a handful of integrated restaurants/bars in this town. People stick to what they know for the most part. Jazz, as a genre has always crossed over cultural barriers and Pretoria has long needed a revival of this genre. It’s by no means a new idea and there are many venues keeping jazz alive across this country. We want to be a part of that legacy.

What is Jazz in the city to you?

The city is the heart; it’s where it’s at and with TUT’s Jazz Department around the corner there is a hotbed of young and talented players in our neighbourhood. We want to introduce you to them.

What can one expect from Jazz City at ABE? How often will Jazz City to be hosted?

Jazz City will be hosted every Thursday evening at ABE. We want Thursdays to become synonymous with Jazz nights at African Beer Emporium.

How can up-and-coming jazz musicians get involved in Jazz City?

We are not just inviting the established players, who frequent the likes of The Orbit. We want a home for the new kids on the block. Jazz players are welcome to contact us if they would like to be a part of Jazz City. They can email more info to admin@africanbeeremporium.com.

Happiness is?

Good music, good friends and cold beer.

What’s the damage?

We’re making this accessible to everyone at R20 entrance fee. It’s about maintaining the culture of appreciating musicians by paying something towards the performing artists. That said we don’t want people not to come, because it’s not affordable. We will also be passing a hat around for those who feel the desire to contribute more to the musicians.

We think African Beer Emporium is the perfect space for Jazz City. Why do you think this is the case?

You can bring jazz into suburbia. It’s never going to feel the same. It’s never going to be all inclusive. Transport is a problem for many music lovers and that makes us the perfect spot to host these evenings. You want to be intoxicated by the city lights and you want the holistic experience of listening to jazz where it lives and breathes.

Check out tomorrow’s event by clicking here.

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