Levi’s are doing something really special and having nationwide parties on the 2nd of April. You’re all invited to party with Levi’s in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The lineups look amazing and you can get in for free if you’re wearing Levi’s.

You’ll head to !Arcade Empire (Pretoria), Kitchener’s (Johannesburg) and The Assembly (Cape Town) for these events.

The Assembly

  • Chris Taylor & Jack Skandi
  • Mix ‘n Blend
  • Das Kapital
  • Haezer
  • Grimehouse
  • DJ Wheels
  • Gio Ricca
  • Dan Scott
  • Kilopascal
  • Fultronbass
  • Robin Jones


  • Moonchild
  • Blk Jks Sndsystm
  • King B
  • Data Takashi
  • Gil Hockman
  • Glass Swan
  • Charles Leonard
  • DJ Okapi

!Arcade Empire

  • Newtown Knife Gang
  • December Streets
  • Blazing Gooch
  • I Am
  • Kid Robot
  • Phizicist

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