We’re looking at Kile Oberholzer’s interpretation of Park Acoustics. He captured this great series to show you what you can check out every month. The next Park Acoustics is happening on the 31st of July and the line-up features Karen Zoid, Gerald Clark, Manouche, Bark, Hey!Bang!Dead!, Freecaps & Teeshortz and more. You can find more information by checking out the Facebook event.

You can find more of his work:

Park-Acoustics-Kile-Oberholzer-7377 Park-Acoustics-Kile-Oberholzer-7372 Park-Acoustics-Kile-Oberholzer-7369 Park-Acoustics-Kile-Oberholzer-7602 Park-Acoustics-Kile-Oberholzer-7437 Park-Acoustics-Kile-Oberholzer-7388

facebook – @kileoberholzer
instagram – @kileoberholzer


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