Looking for a means to impress the special one you’ve been dreaming of lately, your very own stone fox? Even if it may be yourself, why not take said special one to view art before getting up to your First Thursday antics.

APEX Exhibition is the result of a collaboration between eight artists who are connected by their love for photography and art.

Through our exhibition, we wish to celebrate a creativity which brought us together as artists, along with the mediums of art and photography. Our styles are different but we are all extremely driven by what we love doing best, that being art. So come look at our art, we would love to celebrate some of First Thursday with all of you!

The exhibitors for this APEX Exhibition edition are:
James Blyth
Martina Monti
Jack Mason
Andy Reeves
Helen Wells
Demi Bucklow
Tom Wells

More Info:
– Entrance is R20
– KnexT Art Gallery
– September 1st
– There will be a cash bar
– The APEX Exhibition Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1342118589150752
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