The Falls Music and Art Festival is rapidly approaching and as Lucy and Courtney will be there covering the event we thought it would be a good idea to guide you to which acts would be the best to see. We’ve got our Top 5 acts to see at Falls Fest listed here. We also thought that we’d throw in the line-up times so that you can get your head around where you’re going to be. There are some clashes and some hard choices to make.

This band, made famous by Electric Feel, will take to the stage at Falls Fest. This psychedelic rock band are incredible live and this is bound to be an incredible performance. They have stopped playing Kids live but you can listen out for Your Life is a Lie, Time to Pretend and The Youth.

Wave Racer
This is probably the biggest clash for us on the Falls Fest line-up. Wave Racer’s time slot clashes with MGMT. Wave Racer is one of Australia’s music gems and really has a distinct music sound. We caught onto him after Untamed Youth published his track, Stoopid, and called it indie-trap.

The Preatures
Yetu has been raving about The Preatures ever since the CMJ Music Marathon in New York. This Australian act came onto the scene this year and they make an incredible rock & roll sounding R&B. Long live Australia!

Grizzly Bear
There is something incredible about Grizzly Bear live. We’ve all been fans for a while so this is sure to be a highlight of Falls Fest.

Solange was turned into a different kind of artist after she worked with Blood Orange. This show will be sure to feature her amazing vocals and tracks from her latest EP.

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