There is something extra fun about frolicking in a foam party. It takes us back to the days when our parents used to run bubble baths for us and we used build foam creatures.

Bubbles and foam are slightly different when you throw them into parties. The only pending foam party I am aware is the Dogbox Foam Party at Hotbox Studios, this Friday, and this guide is tailored to that event. I suggest you read this, either to bring up good memories or prepare yourself.

1. Don’t dress like an idiot.
The foam at a foam party is made up of foam concentrate, air and water. When you’re dancing it will turn back into foam concentrate, air and water. You will get wet and cold. Indoor foam parties are not really threatened by increasing levels of mud but this is the case at Hotbox Studios. Your clothes will get spotted with mud and if you’re sober enough to care you’ll wonder what the heck you’re stepping in.

To not dress like an idiot, get flu the next day and potentially ruin your bed sheets when you get home (because you’d be too exhausted to shower) you need to:

a) Avoid white clothes. If you’re going to wear white make sure you’re armed with bleach and you’re wearing hot underwear otherwise don’t bother.

b) Wear wellingtons (gum boots). The wellingtons protect your feet and legs from the rising levels of mud. If you’re not cool and don’t have wellingtons because you don’t learn your lesson every time it rains or you didn’t get them for Oppikoppi then at least wear shoes you don’t mind getting ruined or even shoes made out of leather. The leather shoes tend to survive! Slops tend to get lost.

c) Go crazy and do something fun. Other items that are fun include: blow-up pool floaters, Hawaiian plastic flower necklaces, masks and wigs.

d) When you get cold you’ll want to have a scarf or a jacket around. The scarf and/or jacket will save you when you decide to get out of the foam. You’ll suddenly realise that it’s freezing because you’re wet. You can either drink until you’re warm, go with the clothes options or do both.

e) Zip-lock your stuff. This one is simple, remember I mentioned the water? If you want to have access to your phone, camera and cash while you are there then you need to zip-lock them when you’re not using them because they will get wet. Seal-able plastic! Not a Pick ‘n Pay plastic bag.

f) Water-proof make-up. This shouldn’t even be mentioned, it should go without saying but last year I did notice quite a few girls with mascara running down their faces.

2. Don’t behave like a foaming idiot.
You’re going insane because the music will be amazing, you’re drinking and the foam just makes everything better. Then people start getting pissed off at you. What are you doing wrong?

a) Throwing foam in peoples’ eyes. The foam kind of burns when it gets into your eyes. It also looks scary when you have red-eyes later on in the night. Don’t do this!

b) You’re pushing people and they’re falling. The world above the foam is amazing, underneath not so much especially if it was a sudden fall. Everything is white, you can’t breathe properly, people are dancing on you and for some reason you have forgotten how to get up. You eventually get up, cough up foam concentrate for while and have red, burning eyes. Don’t push people and don’t fall.

Follow this guide and you’re in for one of the most incredible experiences of your life! Prepared and ready to party!

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