I’m recapping on my Top 5 Live Shows of 2014. Get ready to remember some of my best moments this year that took place in areas from Oppikoppi 2014 in Northam, South Africa to Free Press Summer Fest in Texas, U.S.A.

5. Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine by Deji Dada

Black Tiger Sex Machine’s performance took place at Halloween 2014 at !Arcade Empire. I was so excited to learn that the Canadian trio were making their way down south to see us because we’ve been big fans for a long while. I’ve already mentioned a few times that this performance is one of the reasons that Halloween 2014 made our Top 5 Parties of 2014 list. I haven’t had a good ol’ electro trash shake out in a long while and Black Tiger Sex Machine provided just that.

Black Tiger Sex Machine by Yetunde Dada

If there was any event that could have made !Arcade Empire collapse from wet walls and ceilings then it might have been this. The massive audience sweated, jumped and danced their way into a frenzy. I also remarked in previous posts that it was the first time I’d ever seen a South African audience move like one thing, one scary Halloween animal, and I loved it.

4. Flosstradamus


Flosstradamus by Yetunde Dada - 2

Flosstradamus performed at Olmeca Presents the Mad Decent Block Party 2014 in Johannesburg and at Free Press Summer Fest (FPSF) 2014 in Texas. I was present at both events this year, with Olmeca Presents the Mad Decent Block Party 2014 taking place earlier on in the year. Free Press Summer Fest was just a confirmation event for me that the duo are amazing.

Flosstradamus by Yetunde Dada

I’m going to swing things back to their Olmeca Presents the Mad Decent Block Party 2014 performance. They were in South Africa, mostly unknown except for a small crop of people that are huge fans of the Mad Decent brand. Most were there for the performance by Major Lazer but the audience got handed something else when Flosstradamus got on stage. J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci) got the audience dancing wildly. The duo made such an effort engage with the crowd and the audience gobbled that down. I write this in awe because that Johannesburg crowd danced instead of standing still to songs that they did not know. It was a different experience watching Flosstradamus at Free Press Summer Fest 2014 because the audience that I danced with was made up of fans. It was an afternoon jol with people popping all over the place in the humid Texas heat. Only Josh was on stage for that performance but I understood there that Flosstradamus go to great lengths to create their live performances. You’ll have the same amount of fun where ever you might see them because they designed things that way.

3. DJ INVIZABLE and the Champions of the Sonoverse


Photo by Luke Moore

I had mixed feeling about Oppikoppi’s 2014 line-up. This is not a gripe post but I wasn’t a fan of the international line-up at all. However, I am certain that the local acts featured at the music festival were out of this world. DJ INVIZABLE and the Champions of the Sonoverse were one of those acts that stood out for me and the small audience that were extremely lucky to watch them perform at the Bruilhof Stage at Oppikoppi.


There was dance, bassy music, drama and the addition of South African instruments and vocals. DJ INVIZABLE and the Champions of the Sonoverse did not just put out a musical performance, they put out a magical production. It was a work of art. This performance saved me from a musical slum that I had slipped into on the last night of the music festival.

2. Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino’s Free Press Summer Fest (FPSF) 2014 performance was my favourite performance at the two-day Texas-based festival. This statement is more profound when I mention that I watched this performance from quite a distance from the main stage at FPSF. I stood on a hill overlooking the main stage and realised that the man was incredible.

Photo by Yetunde Dada

I have never seen anyone pump so much energy into their performances and from my vantage point I could see him running up and down the stage, stopping to bust some dance moves and engaging with the crowd. I loved that he performed with a full band. They just sounded incredible together. When the bass hit, the bodies moved and the voices shouted along I understood what an incredible performer he is.

1. PHFat

PHFat by Yetunde Dada - 2

PHFat are local badassery duo composed of Mike Zietsman (Smooth Mike) and Nazieg Iseppi (Narch). I’ve been watching the group for a long while now and I’ve been able to see them transform themselves into the 5FM chart-topping success they are now. We all know that hard work eventually pays off so this makes me wonder what the hell they had to do to create such an incredible Oppikoppi 2014 performance. There was a massive audience waiting for PHFat and Nonku Phiri (JungFreud) at Oppikoppi’s biggest stage, The Wesley Dome.

PHFat by Yetunde Dada

That performance made use of drama, ballet, high energy, hooded figures, Mike’s incredible jumps and bass so good that your feet refused to stand still. I was so impressed, so chuffed, and so ready to dance that I had to remove myself from the photo pit before I lost my mind and became one of those photographers. The rest of the performance was one of those dance wildly from the back experiences. I got to watch a large audience jump and jump and jump from my position. That night will be forever imprinted on my brain. I doubt I’ll ever see anything like it again.

I’m really looking forward to what 2015 brings. I have a feeling that performances are on their way up and we’re going to see some great stuff.

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