Leese is showing some major fangirlness for Beyoncé. We’re collectively digging on her after her Super Bowl XL VII Halftime Show. 

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Remind me what was said about King Bey lip syncing again? There was a furore for what reason? Catch the Superbowl XLVII Halftime Show on Monday? Speechless? That’s what I thought.

I love it when the masses forget who Beyoncé is. So she lip-synced the Star Spangled Banner at the inauguration of Barack Obama. Did you see what she looked like? Did you hear the recorded version of her rendition of the American national anthem? Quick were the non-believers to shout from the rooftops about Beyoncé not performing the song live. Not so quick were they to point out that she wasn’t the first to do this and certainly won’t be the last. Fortunately the voice of reason came in the form of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who having sung at the 2009 inauguration herself, pointed out that the weather conditions Beyoncé faced were less than ideal for any singer and that the next time she performs in similar circumstances she’d probably follow Beyoncé’s lead and pre-record.

I will admit that I didn’t know what sport was played at the Superbowl, but at the mention of my girl B I knew there wasn’t a chance I was going to miss whatever game was being broadcasted. For those like me who were in the dark, they play American football at the Superbowl. I’ve been anticipating the famous Superbowl XLVII Halftime Show since last year when Beyoncé s Pepsi deal was announced alongside her scheduled performance. The last time I saw a live performance of Beyoncé was at Revel where she tore shit up and shut things down. I wasn’t sure she could outdo herself any further. She did. I’ve been a fan since the Destiny’s Child heydays so for me to be blown away by the extraordinary genius that is Mrs Knowles-Carter you need to see for yourself what went down on Monday (GMT+2). Not only did she display a visual masterpiece but she showcased her (or at least her team’s) unrivalled creative prowess. Special guest appearance by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams sealed the deal as what I’d be so bold to say was the greatest halftime show of all time. If this is only a taste of what Beyoncé has in store for us this year then I’m going on a hunger strike until the release of her fifth studio album.

All hail the King!

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