Yannis Philippakis from Foals turned 26 two days ago, steering clear (for now) of the dangerous and yet popular 27-Club. We at DYD have a sincere appreciation and admiration for FOALS, and we thought we’d share, in honor of their lead singer’s birthday,  5 reasons to love them more.

1.)    They’re on the up.

They’ve grown a lot. Not just musically (see the video, if you don’t agree). Their distinct math-rock sound from five odd years ago has gotten more primal, but there’s no denying their originality.

2.)    They joke around.


They humor their crowds. In this set, Yannis takes the piss out of the crowd by referring to FOALS as “The Foals”, “Fouls” and “The fools”. I hope some of Joburg’s teeny-bopping flower crown wearing student girls who claimed to “love THE FOALS” at RAMfest watch this.

3.)    Sometimes they’re good in interviews.

If they’re in the mood, they can be real good. Other times, they’re not so keen.

4.)    They’ve got great b-sides.

This song, Bluebird, is available online or as a b-side on the My Number single. Killer lyrics, as per usual. “You left your keys in the lock of my heart” is the kind of poetry I’ll teach my children.

5.)    They’re not afraid of covers.

This Swedish House Mafia cover seems like something FOALS would never do. Yet, they still pull it off pretty nicely.

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